Many thanks for your interest in a place at Bodelschwingh Haus

We will need to speak to you in person about the possibility of you being offered a place on our centralisedintervention. Please call us on +49 40 227 217 0. You can also come and speak to us in person: Monday to Thursday between 8 am and 5 pm, or Friday between 8 am and 3 pm.

First of all, some information for you:
Spending time at Bodelschwingh Haus is considered an intervention. Advice, the support process and living hereare all constituent parts of the intervention.

The background to the intervention can be found in sections 67 and 68 of the German Social Security Code (SGB) XII. The intention is to provide support to people who have particular social difficulties that they are not able to overcome on their own.

It is important that we can work together. This will not be possible if you consume a lot of alcohol, take illegal drugs or are suffering from mental illness but not receiving treatment.

We normally only accept people who have previously consumed illegal drugs if they undergo a substitution treatment and accept psychosocial support.

It is important that we can talk to one another in German. You don’t need to speak a high level of German but it must be possible for us to communicate with you.

To be accepted here, you must be at least 25 years old.

Before accepting any potential new resident, we conduct an interview with the applicant so that we can make an assessment as to whether Bodelschwingh Haus will be able to offer the right kind of support.

If, following the interview, you are offered a place at Bodelschwingh Haus, we will need to establish that the municipal authorities are prepared to cover the costs. We will send the proposal for support in accordance with sections 67-69 of SGB XII to the Specialist Department for Accommodation Problems of the District of Altona. The final decision as to whether a person is accepted onto our intervention is not made by us but rather by the Specialist Department for Accommodation Problems of the District of Altona (Fachstelle für Wohnungsnotfälle im Bezirk Altona).

Once we have notified you that you have been accepted, there may still be some waiting time. You can clarify any further questions with our members of staff on the phone or by calling in to our offices in person.